July 12, 2018

Last February, I wrote a blog called The Snowman, Waffle, and Hamburger. The focus of that blog was about how our parent’s generation are not following but leading their own technology charge.  Their quest to learn and connect with each other and the world around them inspires our generation and the generation of our children.

I also talked about the Eileen Florida Tech Help Desk in that blog. Well,  the Eileen Florida Tech Help Desk had to be closed temporarily for renovations.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

This was all due to a catstrophic mistake made by me on a sunny afternoon in sunny Florida.

It’s a day that I will never forget. ….My father was trying to delete some of his iCloud files and he was having no luck. So, because I just happened to be in Florida at the time (No big surprise there!), he asked me to help him.

I put up my help desk open sign, fired up my Mac…. and then I made THE FATAL MISTAKE!

I said  “Give me your computer and I will delete the files for you.” 

My usually patient father said in a frustrating voice… “Show me how to do it.. don’t do it for me!”

I was surprised by my father’s frustration with me. After all,  I was only trying to be helpful….

Then I had a flashback to my high school geometry class. I really enjoyed math class but geometry proofs were always a struggle for me. The geometry teacher, Mr.P, would lose his patience with me and just tell me the geometric properties for proof instead of working thru the problem with me. Until I went back to school to be a math teacher, I never quite grasped solving proofs.

So my father was right! I was doing the same thing to my dad that Mr. P had done to me.

Shame on me…. I had been praising the older generation for “getting” what I was teaching them, but I neglected to take into consideration their desire, their experiences, and their skills.  I had discounted the ability of the older generation to problem solve when it came to technology.

So the Eileen Florida Tech Help Desk reopened with a new purpose. It was no longer the “Let me fix that for you.” or “Leave it with me, and I will take a look at it” help desk. It was the “Let’s take a look at this together, and then you will be able to fix the problem if it happens again.”  help desk.

My father taught me a valuable lesson that day…


So stay tuned for upcoming YouTube technology tutorials starring the over 65 gang. We still have alot to learn from them!