Digital Equity and 1:1 Programs| ISTE Webinar

Follow a small rural school district’s journey to providing students with free and accessible out-of-school connectivity. Hear about challenges students face when they’re unable to access their education, as well as the district’s commitment and the actions taken to ensure digital equity for all students. Along the way, you’ll see how this district’s plan ties to the ISTE Standards for Education Leaders that emphasize the importance of digital equity and inclusion.

This ISTE Expert webinar is presented by Eileen Belastock of the ISTE Mobile Learning Network.

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I am the Director of Academic Technology at Mount Greylock Regional School District in Williamstown Ma. As a former classroom teacher and school building administrator, I have always had a strong commitment to education. My belief is that when we create innovative environments for our students and teachers so many amazing things happen! Our teachers are energized and our students are learning skills that will support them as they follow their passions. MassCUE Board Member METAA Board Treasurer

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