Google Forms Get Smarter


May 2018

Teacher:  “I want to create a online assessment for my students. Can I create a quiz using Google forms?

Me: “Sure, that’s a great idea. Google forms is the perfect platform for creating quizzes! How can I help?

Teacher: ”You can help by showing me how I can have the Google Form automatically grade the individual questions, allow me to give video feedback to students and give decimal point grades?

Me: “Ummmmm you can’t. Google forms does not have those features.

Teacher: “Ok, those are important features for me. So this time I think I would just create a Google Doc quiz,  make paper copies for the students and grade them manually.

As Google trainers, we have all had similar conversations with teachers and cringing every time the words “paper copies” are uttered. Our hands were tied… until now!


June 2018

Google for Education listened to their customers (us) and this month they are releasing six new Google Form features that will have forever change the world of online assessments!

In a May 2018 Google For Education blog post, 6 Ways Quizzes in Google Forms are getting smarter, Akshat Sharma highlighted these new Google Form machine learning features.

Below are short summaries of the new features:

  • Quiz Answer Suggestions

I see this feature as a time saver when it comes to typing in answers for a quiz questions. When creating a quiz question, the form will now suggest correct quiz answers based on the question. For example, the question “Who was the 17th president of the United States?’ will produce the answer suggestion “Andrew Johnson.”


  • Autocomplete Answers

While the quiz answer suggestion feature above will produce a correct answer, this autocomplete answer feature will produce all possible answers. I see this feature being very valuable when asking survey type questions such as “What grade are you in?” or “What device do you use at home?”


  • Autograde Checkbox and Multiple Choice Grid Questions

In my opinion, this is a one stop shopping feature. Now, when creating grid questions, you can put in the correct answer and assign points to each question while organizing the responses in a very user friendly Google Sheet.


  • Decimal Point Value Grading

A quiz platform should never dictate your grading scale. With this new features, you can assign decimal point values to questions that reflect how your gradebook is set up. For example, if you want the total quiz points to be 5 points but you have 4 quiz questions, you can now assign each question with 1.25 points.


  • YouTube Video Feedback

One of the features that I have always liked when using Google Forms for quizzes is branching. The ability to provide feedback and topic reinforcement is such a valuable tool for both teachers and students. This new YouTube video feedback feature embeds a YouTube video right into the student answer feedback option so that students can access the reinforcement resource easily.


  • Quiz Points Tally

So you are creating a quiz and assigning point values to the quiz questions as you go along but you keep losing track of the amount of total points. Sound like a simple issue.. just keep track of the points. However depending on the length of the quiz, point tracking can be time consuming and distracting. This last new feature will keep a tally of the total points assigned as you are creating the quiz.


All of these new robust quiz making features will save time and provide students and teachers with more assessment and feedback options. So take a sneak peek at these new features before they hit the Google world!

Now let’s all say it together….NO MORE PAPER QUIZZES! NO MORE PAPER QUIZZES!

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Eileen Belastock, CETL, is an educational leader who is fueled by the belief that learning anytime/anywhere is critical for both students and educators. Throughout her career in both the corporate and educational settings, Eileen Belastock has encouraged and supported both adult and student learners to challenge themselves to find their passions, grow as lifelong learners and transform education for future generations. Through her articles in online publications such as Tech & Learning, eSchoolNews, and EdScoop, Eileen Belastock spotlights highly innovative educators and administrators as they work to ensure digital equity, student data privacy, and safety in school districts. Eileen can be reached at @eileenbelastock and at

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